Top World Cryptocurrency Events

Blockchain sphere spread to offline for a long time ago. If you are tired of searching for crypto forums, contests and other events to visit, SwapSpace has already picked up information about the most popular huge crypto events worldwide.

We find out TOP annual events. Check out the list and just choose the most suitable one to go.

1. Blockchain EXPO

Is Europe’s largest annual international Blockchain Conference


Blockchain EXPO is one of the largest blockchain conferences and exhibitions in Europe dedicated to the future of corporate technology.

Leading experts of blockchain industry will give presentations, case studies in the field of the latest technologies and interactive group discussions will be presented. Seminars will also be held on research in the industries that will be most affected by this new technology, including legal sector, trade and real estate, financial services, healthcare, insurance, and much more, and even art.

Thematic blocks of the event include cryptocurrency and financial services, Blockchain for enterprises, businesses, Blockchain platform and strategies, development of Blockchain apps & technologies, Blockchain seminars; as well as a zone of innovation and investors.

Within two days, the event will feature top-level content from leading world brands in the field of advanced blockchain technologies.

It is worth noting that the Blockchain EXPO event is held in collab with IoT Tech Expo, 5g, AI & Big Data Expo and Cyber ​​Security & Cloud Expo, which you can learn about several technologies at once in one place.

500+ Speakers

Among them:
John Calian, Senior Vice President | Head of T-Labs & The Blockchain Group | Deutsche Telekom AG;

Andrei Bolocan, Technology Specialist Supply Chain | The HEINEKEN Company;

Arwen Smit, EMEA Lead Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative | MOBI,

Dimitri De Jonghe Co-Founder | Head of Research BigchainDB | Ocean Protocol, Michelle Chivunga Chair — International Committee The British Blockchain Association.

Next Event: 1–2 JULY | 2020 | Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2. Blockchain Life

Blockchain Life is another one of the largest in Europe international forums dedicated to cryptocurrencies, mining and blockchain at all.


Annually, the forum becomes the largest and most significant event of the blockchain industry in Europe.

The forum brings together world leaders and those who are just starting to become interested in the industry of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. It gathers up to 6000 participants from more than 70 countries.

Blockchain Life units world industry leaders, miners, business owners, blockchain developers, investors. It is a platform not only for professionals but for beginners also.

During 3 years of its existence, the forum became an international platform for the development of hundreds industry companies, a place for meeting market leaders with government officials, for the contracts conclusion that influences the global technology development.

Forum also includes Startup contest, where you can show your project and find investors.


Among them: Felix Mago, co-founder Dash;

Roger Ver, CEO;

Xinxi Wang, manager Litecoin Foundation;

Tim Draper, venture capitalist, founder of Draper Associates, DFJ & Draper University and others.

The last event was recent, 15–17 OCTOBER | 2019 | Moscow, Russia.

Next Event: next year, somewhere in Europe.

3. The North American Bitcoin Conference


TNABC is one of the most important crypto meetups.
The conference is dedicated to a wide range of topics, in particular, blockchain technologies, ICO specifics, features of Bitcoin and Ethereum, token sale mechanisms, investment and regulation.

Over the course of two days, speakers present their reports in 20-minute slots. Among them are the world most famous speakers, including CEOs, investors, government officials.

In a spacious exhibition hall, conference participants will be able to meet and chat with representatives of the most influential companies that set the tone in the cryptocurrency sphere.

150+ speakers, among them:
Harry Yen, Managing Director Binary Financial;

Jeff Mackdonald, Co-founder NEM Foundation;

Colleen Sullivan, Partner & CEO CMT Digital;

Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder Ethereum; and others.

Next Event: 15–17 JANUARY | 2020 | USA, Miami.

4. Next Block Conference


NEXT BLOCK is one of the most popular annual worldwide crypto events, which include various programs every year.

NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 “Affiliate Marketing in the Crypto Age” will be dedicated to CRYPTO and AFFILIATE. At the event, experts will discuss synergies and prospects for 2020. In addition, you can be represented in the exhibition area, where you will have the opportunity to show yourself to young professionals and move up the career ladder.

The conference lasts one day, followed by the AW event, which will be dedicated to affiliate marketing, gambling and contracts in the Crypto era, and will include discussions leading to the mega event.

At the event, experts raise the most relevant topics and each participant can take part in solving the problem.

This is an opportunity to communicate with movers and shakers of both crypto and partner worlds.

Speakers: 500+, among them:

Neo Say Wei, Chief Executive Officer — Neo & Partners Global and RF International Holdings; Giacomo Arcaro, №1 European ICO Growth Hacker, ICO STO Advisor, University Professor;

Felix Mago, Co-Founder of Dash Thailand;

Eloisa Marchesoni, Europe n. 1 Token Model Architect;

Itay Adam Owner of Adam Tech Media and product launch campaigner.

Next Event: DECEMBER, 3 | 2020 | Bangkok, Thailand.

5. Blockchain Live


Blockchain Live is an innovative festival of content and collaboration that brings together a fragmented ecosystem to hold meaningful discussions and debates about how best to expedite the global implementation of blockchain.

Festival includes 5 Content Stages: Business Summit, Tech Connect Stage, Future Finance Stage, Crypto Impact Stage, GovChain Stage.

Festival program will provide an open-plan educational and networking environment that allows for more hands-on training, meaningful discussion and face-to-face meetings between participants and exhibitors, and will lead an honest discussion about the problems and benefits.

Unlike many other blockchain events, Blockchain Live does not dilute its content with joint technology demonstrations or overly crypto-oriented content. Instead, Blockchain Live focuses solely on the business potential of blockchain & DLT, encouraging conversations and debates about blockchain technology, while at the same time allowing hype and challenging critics to educate, improve their skills and direct long-term thinking on the strategic benefits of blockchain for business, governments and societies.


Lucie Munier, Lead Project Manager | GovChain Research

Naeem Aslam, Columnist | Forbes

Nadeem Ladki, Director of Business Development | Ripple

Caroline Casey, VP, Innovation, Partnerships and Labs — Europe | Mastercard

Don Tapscott, Blockchain Live Festival Headliner — Co-Founder & Executive Chairman | Blockchain Research Institute, Co-Author Blockchain Revolution

Next Event: AUTUMN | 2020 | London, United Kingdom. The date would be announced soon.

6. Devcon

Devcon is the Ethereum conference for developers, researchers, thinkers, and makers.


Devcon is an annual event held by the Ethereum Foundation. For new explorers of the Ethereum space, Devcon is an intensive introduction to new worlds of thought. For those already embedded, it is a family reunion and a source of energy and creativity.

Programming covers content ranging from the deeply technical to the profoundly human. This is a conference for builders of all kinds: developers, designers, researchers, client implementers, test engineers, infrastructure operators, community organizers, social economists and artists.

We host Devcon to educate and empower the community to build and use decentralized systems. Our goal is to push the boundaries of possibility in our mission to bring decentralized protocols, tools, and culture to the world.


Vitalik Buterin, Creator Ethereum | Ethereum Foundation,

Audrey Tang, Taiwan Digital Minister,

Micah White, Co-Creator of Occupy Wall Street | Activist Grad School,

Zoë Hitzig, PhD candidate in Economics | Harvard,

Andreea Minca, Associate Professor | Cornell University.

The last event was on October 8–11, 2019 at ATC Hall 2 Chome 1–10 Nankokita, Suminoe Ward. Osaka, Japan.

Next Event: Next year, the date would be determined later.

There are much more large crypto contests and festivals, and it’s almost impossible to select it by particular criteria, so we chose the most outstanding events to give you the ability to determine the most suitable for you.

List of hugest crypto events

If you still haven’t decided what the event you’re gonna visit, you can have a look at the list of events from CoinMarketCap:

So, now you’ll probably find the most suitable event for you. Stay with SwapSpace, check out for the hot news.

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