Not a Cryptocurrency Exchange Aggregator Anymore: What’s the Next Step for SwapSpace? | SwapSpace Blog

We’ve been thinking about our future as a company for a while. As you know, crypto is a risky business, often demonized both by the governments and the wider public, with tightening regulations, slow adoption, and an uncertain future. Needless to say, this brings a lot of anxiety to those who choose to stay in this business.

This made us think: if working with crypto became such a hassle — or if it’s even on its way out — what is always “in”? What — or who — keeps making us happy in any circumstances? And then it came to us! So, we’ve decided to make a 180 degree turn with our business.

Meet SwapZoo: the animal shelter aggregator! 700+ species, 17 shelters, no cages: our spirit lives on. Stay with us — and join the worldwide community of animal supporters. Stay tuned and learn how to take proper care of animals, participate in the rescue movement, and more. In the meantime, you can help by using this referral link — we will donate a percentage of our profits from all the transactions made through this link to the Restoring Australia’s Habitats charity foundation.

With love (for all the creatures AND you!),

SwapZoo team

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