New Partnership: SwapSpace + ChangeHero 🎉

We are delighted to announce a new integration — let’s welcome ChangeHero on board! From now on, you can choose exchanges via ChangeHero on and enjoy fast and simple crypto swaps.

Partnering with SwapSpace, ChangeHero joined the ranks of instant crypto exchanges in our struggle to make crypto space convenient and transparent.

With the new partnership, you’ll get even more exchange pairs with better rates.

About ChangeHero

ChangeHero is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange. They adhere to the customer-first policy and aim to deliver convenient, frictionless and easy exchange experience. You can exchange crypto-to-crypto without any sign-ups or logins. Also, ChangeHero processes exchanges at zero confirmations which makes them one of the fastest crypto exchanges. They provide the best rates available in the market with low fees with fixed and floating rates and selective KYC. Their customer support is available round the clock to assist you in every way possible. Users can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and several other cryptos with a bank card.

About SwapSpace

SwapSpace is a registration-free instant crypto exchange that attracts customers with the availability of rare coins, reliable support, fixed and floating rates, and fast and easy transactions. It operates on the aggregator model uniting the rates from the major and well-established cryptocurrency exchanges with young but promising instant exchanges winning with the lowest fees. SwapSpace supports over 300 cryptocurrencies, has 24/7 support, suits for both novice and advanced users, and adds no fee to the exchange rates provided by the integrated exchanges, which make the exchanges via SwapSpace profitable. It also attracts developers with its open API and bloggers with the opportunity to get crypto for videos about the exchange.

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SwapSpace is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that allows you to swap over 700 cryptocurrencies instantly with no limits, no extra fees and without sign-ups