More Than Crypto: 5 Blockchain Use Cases You Want to Know About

When was the first time you heard about blockchain, and in what context? Probably it was that time when bitcoin stocks went up and there were excessive talks on how much you could earn if you had learned about bitcoin earlier. The majority of people nowadays link blockchain to cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency to bitcoin and bitcoin to money. But actually, there are way more options for blockchain technology to be helpful. More than that, it is fair to say that the implementation of blockchain into some areas of life will solve long-standing issues and completely change the game. There is much more for blockchain technology to contribute to our personal lives, business, and society as a whole.

So, what does this technology also suit for?

To secure a supply chain

Blockchain technology helps track and verify all actions taken. It is easy to keep records and access information required anytime. And now a supply chain in any industry can be secured from corruption and human errors.

To take clean-eating to a new level

To refine contracts

To facilitate voting procedure

Although the votes are secured and anonymous they can be verified anytime. It can be organized like that: an individual giving a specially produced cryptocurrency to the wallet of a preferred candidate. This traceable transaction prevents electoral fraud. However revolutionary, for now it is just a concept but it has a great potential to improve political involvement especially among young people.

To combat fake news

So, wherever it is applied, blockchain technology makes it work, because of transparency, decentralization and irreversibility. If blockchain became an integral part of our lives, our society could benefit greatly. Although we cannot ignore the significant changes that come with that.

Life generally gets better when we can decrease or diminish risks of something going wrong. And even if something indeed went that way, we are aware of what happened and who to hold accountable.

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